Monday, September 12, 2011

The 10th Year...

One Flag One Person
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9/11 has become a reflecting point for many Americans (myself included). And on this 10th anniversary I find myself looking around and realizing how much NY has really changed. Walking down the West Side Highway you can't help but see the transformation this city has gone through. Signs reading "We Got Back Up", "9/11 Made us Stronger" rang true to NY. The "Tiles of America" show how united we've become. And I can't help but be a proud American. The colors shined strong on WTC 1 and with the Plaza, Reflecting Absence and the museum near completion. It's a sight to behold and of course capture. Which I have done but will take a little while longer to put up due to school and work. But for now I leave these images taken with instagram.

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  1. It's amazing that we now live in a time known as "post 9-11". After watching a few specials yesterday I remembered how NY used to be before 9-11. Not only has New York changed, but the world has as well.