Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Streets Are Alive...

The Streets Are Alive...
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I end the last day with this great shot from Tokyo Tower. As you can see Rainbow Bridge is in the back, and the ferris wheel. Oh yea and the big cross section that looks like Tokyo Tower or even the Kanji for Fire (火). Had Kaiten with James and Bonnie, then Bonnie went home, and I then we went off to Pachi-Slot faired so-so but over all fun! Took a cab back, and I must admit having GPS in a cab is great! Well no sleep tonight (that's what the plane is for). Gonna start packing and maybe get to that slice of pizza from Pizza La (we went for a snack lol).

So head on over to the JAPAN Folder and also check out the GUNDAM and KYOTO folder. And see this trip in it's entirety!

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