Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sayonara 日本 m(-_-)m

As Day turns to Night...
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Leaving on a Jet Plane... Said farewell to James, Had breakfast at the airport and paid my fifty bucks for having luggage that is to heavy lol. Oh well time to sleep. This concludes the Japan trip and it's back to NY. I'll elaborate on the finer points on Japan as well as the Pachi-slot in later entries down the line. For now it's back to the real world. Thanks for coming along for the ride and hope you enjoyed it.

The JAPAN, GUNDAM and KYOTO Folder will be placed on the side bar now so that if ever anyone needs some rising sun it'll be there with open arms! Time to rest... Will be back later~

Fun Fact: We will arrive in New York the exact same time and they that we left. Time Traveling is fun! ZZZzzz..*

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